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Maria Donata Bianchi Farm

a consolidated viticultural reality of Western Liguria

For four generations, the history of the family has been intertwined with stories of vineyards and wines.
Great-grandfather Emanuele had already undertaken a first wine trade, planting a large Vermentino vineyard in the Andora plain.
Her son Pietro, an expert enologist, has left a deep mark on the Ligurian wines panorama, contributing to their progressive improvement.
Emanuele Trevia has planted numerous vineyards over the years in Diano Castello and Diano Arentino and has built the new cellar.
Marta Trevia, a graduate in enology, joined her father with her experience and the desire to achieve new goals, respecting the environment and natural agriculture.
Here, grapes from our vineyards, or purchased from growers who fully share our philosophy, are vinified with the awareness that wine is a living creature to be cared for while respecting the characteristics of the territory where it is born.

The first bottling dates back to 1977 and since 2021 the company has been producing certified organic wines.

From a great passion for the land, handed down with respect for typicality and the environment, quality wines were born, which are not the personal interpretation of cellar techniques, but that expresses the respectful transformation of a grape, the reward of daily efforts.

Our wines, between sea and mountains

The company produces two typical DOC white wines, the western Ligurian Riviera VERMENTINO, the western Ligurian Riviera PIGATO, and the ANTICO SFIZIO white wine, from Vermentino grapes, vinified as 100 years ago.



Western Ligurian Riviera

The hand-picked bunches are de-stemmed, crushed, and softly pressed. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with temperature control and selected yeasts.



Western Ligurian Riviera

The hand-picked grapes are partly subjected to soft pressing and partly vinified in contact with the skins. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts.


Antico Sfizio

Western Ligurian Riviera

The freshly picked grapes are de-stemmed, pressed, and vinified with the skins. The maceration, deliberately old-fashioned, lasts 5 days. Fermentation is spontaneous. Weekly Batonnage on the lees for 4 months.

Vino Diana



Western Ligurian Riviera

The exclusively hand-picked bunches are pressed. A short maceration of the skins in contact with the must takes place. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks.

Cultivar Taggiasca: our organic extra virgin olive oil
From the meticulous care of the Taggiasca cultivar-owned olive groves, we obtain an elected quality production, an emblematic image of our territory.

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Valcrosa: the farmhouse in the vineyard

Surrounded by vineyards and fragrant Mediterranean scrub, discover Agriturismo Valcrosa, with an open view to the sea, an ideal destination for those who love to immerse themselves in nature and are looking for relaxing holidays.
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