Azienda Agricola Maria Donata Bianchi - Località Valcrosa, 18013 Diano Arentino - Imperia

Vineyards and Wine

The agricultural farm Maria Donata Bianchi is a consolidated reality of the west Ligurian viticulture.
Since four generation the history of the family has been intrinsically linked with vineyards and wines.
Everything started with the great-grandfather Emanuele, by trading wine and then planting a big vineyard in the plain of Andora.
His son Pietro,a brilliant enologist, marked the Ligurian wines, giving an important contribute to their improvement.
Emanuele Trevia planted several vineyards in Diano Castello and Diano Arentino and built the new winery.
Marta Trevia graduated in viticulture and enology, supported her father with her experience and willingness to achieve new goals, always respecting the environment and a sustainable agriculture.
The wines we produce are made exclusively using the grapes grown in our vineyards in Diano Arentino and Diano Castello.
The first wine was bottled in 1977.
A great love for the earth along with respect for traditional values, have resulted in the production of high quality wines, which are not a personal interpretation of wine making techniques, but represent the respectful transformation of the grape, a reward for the everyday hard work.
We therefore treat our wine with the utmost care respecting the characteristics of the land where it originates.
Our company produces two typical D.O.C. white wines, ‘Riviera Ligure di Ponente VERMENTINO and Riviera Ligure di Ponente PIGATO, as well as an intriguing red wine, LA MATTANA which was the fruit of Pietro Trevia’s intuition, oenologist and father of Emanuele. He was the first in the area to make wine with the Syrah and Grenache grapes. This combination proved without a shadow of a doubt that this territory well-known for its white wines, was also capable of producing great red wines.
Two other wines are available: Red BORMANO wine, as well produced with Syrah and Grenache grapes, and White ANTICO SFIZIO wine, a Vermentino grape variety wine produced in the same way as 100 years ago.
A new winery opened in 2003 in Diano Arentino in Via Merea, Valcrosa which is now the company’s base. The winery is surrounded by vineyards and is immersed in an untouched atmosphere.
Situated next to the winery are the ‘Valcrosa’ self-catering villas which opened in 2009. The four independent villas are located within the vineyard and are ideal for guests who value silence and nature.





Vineyards and Wine
Four Villas

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