Azienda Agricola Maria Donata Bianchi - Località Valcrosa, 18013 Diano Arentino - Imperia

Leisure activities

You can choose among different gastronomic and sport activities:

Places to discover:

  • Garlenda Golf Club and Sanremo Golf Club: you can play on these beautiful golf courses the whole year round
  • The bicycle path from Santo Stefano to Sanremo: whether you will bike or walk you will get in a very close contact with the sea and you will admire enchanting sights
  • Charming Villas and Gardens of the “Riviera di Ponente”:
    Villa Grock (Oneglia): visiting this villa and the park is an amazing trip, for everyone and especially for children, into the clown’s world
    Villa Mariani (Bordighera): the Collection of the “Pompeo Mariani Foundation” is here located; Claude Monet painted in the park surrounding the Villa
    Giardini Hanbury (La Mortola-Ventimiglia): mid XIX century Sir Thomas Hanbury created this unique botanical collection
    Giardini Pallanca (Bordighera): a unique cactaceaes’ collection is located in this botanical garden
  • Cetacean Sanctuary International protected marine area. The area includes three nations: Monaco, France and Italy
  • FOOD as an opportunity of aggregation, sharing and curiosity for new recipes, tastes and flavors. This is the Quokika’s target: a Cooking school where you  can make yourself the recipe, the menu that maybe, at home – you do not have time or wish to test.





Vineyards and Wine
Four Villas

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